Silver 1 CS:GO Rank

Find out information about the Silver 1 rank in CS:GO, including the percentage of people in this bracket, how close it is to the top and more.

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Silver 1

Silver I is the lowest of the 18 ranks in CS:GO. At this rank, you’ll usually find players who have relatively recently started playing Counter-Strike and are not likely to have a lot of experience in other FPS games.

Is Silver 1 good?

As we mentioned earlier, Silver I is the lowest rank in the CS

ranking system. It contains about 3.9% of all Competitive Mode players. During ranked matches at this rank, you will most often play ranks from Silver I to Silver III. Silver I is often assigned to players who immediately took to ranked matches after downloading the game without any prior knowledge of the game. The “Silver division” (Silver I — Silver Elite Master) consists of 6 ranks, and the next rank after Silver I is Silver II.

Ways to improve from Silver 1


Try different weapons/maps, play different game modes and watch live streams. Learn what it’s all about.


Playing on community servers will allow you to learn the CS

slang (like “defuse”, “rush”, “cover” etc.) and meet other players that could help you improve.


Playing with people from Gold Nova or above may result in finding a team with a much higher skill level, making it difficult for you to find yourself in the game. Don’t worry about rank for now, treat ranked matches as a practice session.

Rank table

Silver 1 Silver 1 3.90%
Silver 2 Silver 2 4.23%
Silver 3 Silver 3 4.37%
Silver 4 Silver 4 5.21%
Silver Elite Silver Elite 6.44%
Silver Elite Master Silver Elite Master 7.78%
Gold Nova 1 Gold Nova 1 8.76%
Gold Nova 2 Gold Nova 2 8.79%
Gold Nova 3 Gold Nova 3 9.05%
Gold Nova Master Gold Nova Master 8.08%
Master Guardian 1 Master Guardian 1 7.55%
Master Guardian 2 Master Guardian 2 6.61%
Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite 5.24%
Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15%
Legendary Eagle Legendary Eagle 3.25%
Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master 3.20%
Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class 2.64%
Global Elite Global Elite 0.75%
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Silver 1

Silver 1

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Silver 1, S1