Silver 4 CS:GO Rank

Find out information about the Silver 4 rank in CS:GO, including the percentage of people in this bracket, how close it is to the top and more.

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Silver 4

Silver IV is the fourth (from lowest) of eighteen ranks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Silver IV consists of very novice players, although those who have already “done their homework” and learned the absolute basics of the game.


Silver IV is a pretty good rank for beginner players. If you haven’t had much to do with Counter-Strike or other FPS games before, and you get this rank after your placement matches — it’s not bad, you’re in the top 87.5% of all players! You still have a lot of learning to do, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with the game’s very basics and rules.


Silver IV players should focus on consolidating the fundamentals and knowledge they have already acquired.

Rank table

Silver 1 Silver 1 3.90%
Silver 2 Silver 2 4.23%
Silver 3 Silver 3 4.37%
Silver 4 Silver 4 5.21%
Silver Elite Silver Elite 6.44%
Silver Elite Master Silver Elite Master 7.78%
Gold Nova 1 Gold Nova 1 8.76%
Gold Nova 2 Gold Nova 2 8.79%
Gold Nova 3 Gold Nova 3 9.05%
Gold Nova Master Gold Nova Master 8.08%
Master Guardian 1 Master Guardian 1 7.55%
Master Guardian 2 Master Guardian 2 6.61%
Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite 5.24%
Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15%
Legendary Eagle Legendary Eagle 3.25%
Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master 3.20%
Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class 2.64%
Global Elite Global Elite 0.75%
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Silver 4

Silver 4

4 / 18
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Also known as:
Silver 4, S4