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To make the most out of CSGO we will have to enable the developer console in game. We also recommend keeping your settings in a auto executable file so that you can take it with you easily to tournaments.

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Enabling the console

The developer console is a part of the UI that allows you to tweak the most of the aspects of the game. From the console you can do anything from changing you crosshair to setting up a server.

Unfortunately the developer console is disabled by default so we will have to manually enable it from the settings menu.

Settings > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console > Yes

How to enable the CSGO developer console

We can then assign a button to open the console by using bind “anykey” "toggleconsole" replacing anykey for your desired key.

Creating an autoexec

We will have to create an empty file name autoexec.cfg and place that file inside:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

How to create a CSGO autoexec

After adding the file we must edit it and add the host_writeconfig command at the end of our file such that our settings from the autoexec get written to the game’s config file. You can copy and paste the following code to the end of your autoexec.cfg.

host_writeconfig                    //Store current settings to config.cfg
clear                               //clear the console output

echo "autoexec.cfg loaded, GLHF"    //write to the console

CFG files can be run from the console using the exec command.

Enabling the Autoexec

If we name our config file anything different than autoexec, it will not execute automatically, thus we have to add a command to our lauch options.

Enable autoexec launch parameter

In order for the autoexec to be loaded we must add the following launch option to our game: exec myautoexec.cfg

To run the autoexec file every time you open CSGO

  1. Go back to your Steam Library and find CSGO.
  2. Right-click on CSGO and select “Properties.”
  3. Under “General” there should be an option called “Launch Options.”
  4. Type in “exec autoexec.cfg” and close the window.