# FaceIt Enhancer Web Plugin

A browser extension designed to automate the veto phase in FaceIt as well as allowing you to see more information about teammates and enemies such as their KD ratio, winrate, HS%, etc...

# What can FaceIt Enhancer do?

  • Ready up for matches automatically
  • Accept party invites automatically
  • See players Elo and country in match rooms
  • See teams Elo in match rooms
  • See how much Elo you'll win or loose
  • See player statistics of the last 20 matches in match rooms
  • See how much Elo you have won and lost in your match history
  • and more!

# Screenshots

How to install FaceitEnhancer

Image by FaceIt Enhancer

# Download FaceIt Enhancer

You can find links to download the plugin from FaceIt Enhancer's official website