How to Disable Auto Weapon Switch

Automatically switching weapons during a game will surely get you killed eventually.

Why is this turned on by default is a mistery to us CSGO player.

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The CSGO auto weapon switch is a silly feature of the game that will get you killed eventually leading to some very not nice words said over voice chat by your teammates.

It will make you loose a round occasionally as the switching usually happens during a gunfight.

To turn off auto weapon switch, just copy the command in the box below into your console:

cl_autowepswitch 0

If you ever need to turn auto weapon switch back on (even though there’s no reason aside from trolling a friend), then use the command in the box below:

cl_autowepswitch 1

If you’d rather turn off the feature through the game’s settings, just follow these steps.

Press ESC > Settings Menu > Game Settings > Item > Switch Weapon on Pick Up > No

Now enjoy the freedom of clutching without the game playing against you!